St Ignace MI Weather

There are things to do year-round, but with Lake Superior to the north, St. Ignace MI weather and seasonality can impact what you and your family might want to do. Below you’ll find a 7-day forecast, a snow map, and tips for things to do each season.

7-day Forecast


Snow Map


Springtime is a beautiful time to visit St. Ignace. Clyde’s Drive-In is a must stop! After eating a “Big C” head downtown and grab a slice of The Original Murdick’s Fudge. The snow is gone, and adventure begins. Cross the Mighty Mac and spend a couple of days or even a week by the water.


There is no better time to come to St. Ignace than in the Summer! Most days are warm and pleasant and offer lots of sunshine. A night at the Colonial House Inn will make your cares feel a world away. St. Ignace also offer many campgrounds such as Tiki RV Park. Make a memory that will last a lifetime with the family this summer!


The colors are a major attraction in St. Ignace in the fall. Grab a room at Breakers Resort and Beach Bar and watch the colors explode over the water. Don’t forget to climb Castle Rock before you head home. The crowds are down which make it a wonderful time to enjoy all of your places without the long lines.


St Ignace MI Weather in the winter is an absolute snow lover’s dream. Many places such as Quality Inn are open year-round. Viewing the straits of Mackinaw in the Winter is a whole new experience of its own. Get some hearty Pasties at the St. Ignace Truck Stop. They are a U.P. delicacy that is a must during cold weather.